FAQ for Payday loan in India

What is the procedure of application?

It is an easy and quick paperless procedure, with the signature required digitally. To find the application, one needs to click on the slider of the homepage, and then fill in the application. The payment will be received with the approval of the application.

Is it safe to apply online for loan?

The information is safe and secure. All the important data are encrypted via the Secure Socket layer (SSL) protocol, which is used worldwide.

What are the eligibility requirements?

    One will need to be:
  • An Indian citizen.
  • Be of 18 years old above.
  • Businessman, employed or self employed status.
  • To be able to repay the loan.

What other information are required along with the application?

    One will also need to submit
  • The bank account details to deposit the loan.
  • The mobile phone number.
  • PAN card proof of personal identification.
  • The proof of address by using the voter card, license or passport.
  • The proof of employment.

How long does it take to get a feedback?

It takes a few minutes to approve the application. In some cases, if sufficient information is not provided, for further details, it may require sometime more. For the conformation, the clients are contacted as well.

Will my employers be contacted?

Regarding the loan, the employers will not be contacted. However, for some simple checks, the accounts department of the employers may be contacted.

How safe is it as far as the internet banking details are involved?

One of the fastest and the easiest ways to process the application for loan is via the internet banking. The details of the account are not accessible as only the snapshots are provided. The details are encrypted and they are stored securely. The internet banking password or changing the details are impossible to do so as no one has the access to these.

How much loan is provided?

Various factors are taken into consideration before lending the loan. These are: credit rating, income and the expense of the household. We will lend the amount that we feel one can pay back without any hassle.

Will I be able to take further loans with the existing one?

We do not offer top up loans. As soon as the existing loan is cleared out, one will be eligible for the new loan. This will lessen the hassle.

How fast can one get a new loan after the existing one?

As soon as the existing loan has been cleared out, one will get the new loan

Is it possible to get a quick loan even when applying during holidays or after banking hours?

Due to the smart and easy application, one can get the loan from us at any time of the day. The money will however be credited to the bank account 60 minutes later after the start of the next working day.

Can I get any charges for early repayment?

There are no charges for the early repayment but the interest amount is reduced to the exact number of days the loan was kept. For early repayment, one can send email at: [email protected]

How to know if the application is approved?

As soon as the application is approved, an email is sent. A notification is also sent to the mobile phone. One may also get notification if we require any further details to approve the application. The application is being processed if you don’t get any notification from us

How long does it take to get the loan?

The application is processed within 30 minutes generally. Then it depends on how long the bank transfer takes. It generally takes around 24 hours to get the loan

What should I do to extend the loan?

In this case, one will need to send an email to [email protected]. As soon as the message is received, we will extend the loan period to your next pay day. It is not a good idea to extend the loan. One will get a new loan after repayment of the old one, to keep everything under control.

Will the credit score increase with early repayment?

No, it will not increase more than if you pay on the right time

What security measures are employed?

A great deal of emphasis is put upon the privacy and security and similar standards as the banks and other online payment companies are maintained. One can check our security policy

How much will I be able to borrow from Credit Bazaar?

One can currently borrow up to: RS 1, 00,000 and this can increase in the future, depending on the repayment history and the credit score

Are there any costs involved?

There are no hidden costs included. A 30% interest is charged for a general 30 day loan. There is no transaction fee and per day a certain amount is charged if the repayment deadline is missed.

What are some reasons to decline the application?

If we feel that it is not in your best interest to borrow the money right now, we will not be able to lend. This is in keeping with our responsible practice of lending.