To solve various circumstances of daily life, one requires short term loan. So how can one get an emergency loan without any hassle? And what is the process to get short term loans in temporary situation?


In such a temporary circumstance, the best alternative to borrow money is emergency loan. Those who require the money fast will get help from Credit Bazzar. The emergency loan is a short-term loan and quickest in all. The application process of emergency loan is based on online. One has to complete the registration process, which is a one type process to become a borrower. After registering yourself we will be evaluating you on the basis of a professional and personal credibility. After you become a borrower you can get the instant cash loan 24/7 without any further documentation.


For becoming a borrower to the Credit Bazzar, There are few eligibility criteria which borrowers have to provide.

  1. One must be aged over 21 years old
  2. Must be an Indian citizen
  3. Proof of identity (a copy of Passport/Voter ID Card/Driving License/Aadhaar)
  4. Proof of residence (a copy of Passport/Voter ID Card/Driving License/Aadhaar/Leave and License Agreement/any government identification)
  5. A copy of salary slips of the recent 3 months
  6. Bank statement of previous 3 months
  7. 3 copies of the security cheques

Feature of the Credit Bazzar Loan

  • After requesting the loan Credit Bazzar will transfer the money within the period of 2 hours.
  • The loans are flexible
  • No hidden cost included
  • Interest is calculated on a daily basis
  • One can log into their accounts and repay the loan by online
  • No charges for the pre-closures
  • No part repayment or extension of the loan
  • The service ABOUT US and HOW IT WORKS are for providing information.
  • The interest and fees rate will vary according to the date of repayment.

Benefits of Credit Bazzar

  • Online application
  • Protected and hassle-free fast application
  • No excess paperwork
  • No hidden cost
  • No charges for pre-closures
  • Payment is only for the usage
  • Easy approval
  • Instant transfer of money in the account
  • Trustworthy customer service